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Social etiquette

8 Dec

From time to time, I receive email and even snail mail (US postage) from family without greetings. Sealed in a postmarked envelope is a photograph. Usually a picture of the parents with the children. The same goes for email. It arrives in my box with an attached photograph, or a link to a website with photos of a newborn.

Now I don’t know about you, but I learned to write when I was in grade school. No, I do not profess to be a great writer. However, I write something whenever there is something I believe is worth sharing with others.  And, because showing parts of my life is my way of including you in mine, I want you to know that you too are important to me even if we can’t be together. 

I know life is hectic and there is little time, but taking time to add a greeting and then adding my name, signing yours to a comment, is just and polite.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, just add a message along with the picture you send. Here’s another suggestion in case you can’t think of anything to say. How about:

Hi…thought you’d like to know we’re thinking about you.