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Excruciating Comfort

26 Dec

When I am at home I am seldom wearing anything that would be suitable for anyplace other than my home. I laugh telling friends who believe me when I say I have a PhD in lounging. Rather than remain in work, exercise, or out-on-the town wear, I come home and change immediately into clothing that is soft, mostly seamless, warm or cool (depending on the time of year), button-less, zipper-less, and washable. And, comfort extends to my environment as well. Oh sure, there’s the need for cushiony when it comes to furnishing, but that’s not all…

My level of comfort becomes excruiatingly comfortable at my finger tips. Unable to tolerate the same harsh lighting found in most office buildings, I instead, avoid overhead lighting and use lamps that provide a warm amber-like glow. Just one quick twist or flip of the light switch and my home conforms–making me sigh–Ah. Admittedly, the lighting is unsuitable for reading and writing–it’s what completes my comfort though. Overhead lighting is reserved for my bathroom. Kitchen and bedrooms require full exposure too and are used for scrutinizing my appearance, and ensuring food is prepared properly and delectably. And still, even in there, the lighting is only bright on demand.