Weight on me

20 May

Hearing, “I’m carrying more weight.” to offer a reason why one can’t, and/or won’t keep up is simply, unreasonable. I mean, really?

By now, everyone is weight conscious. But apparently, not everyone understands weight management. I, like many of the people I know, have access to many modes of media.  And because I do, I use it to learn many things. One is weight management. Thankfully we live in a nation where media reports on various opportunities to lose excess weight and how to control weight.

I have learned that eating more fruits, and vegetables than red meat, and processed foods is one way of controlling weight. While another way is to move. Exercise.  And by the way, by exercise, I mean whatever it takes to get up from the sofa, or chair.

In Philadelphia, PA we have a fairly decent transportation system. And even though it could benefit from lots and lots, and lots of improvement, I take it five days a week. It gets me to and then from work–period. Anyway, I get off and walk about six blocks to my work site, and then I walk up a mere two flights to my office. That’s just about all the exercise I get. Nonetheless, it’s an opportunity for me to move. It’s my chance to help regulate and/or stabilize my weight. I could, instead, take two buses and get off at a bus stop that is right in front of my building; and then take the elevator the rest of the way. I don’t.

And that is why I maybe “lighter” than some of my friends. They’re the ones who have excuses why they don’t walk and why they don’t take the stairs. Oh, I forgot to mention, I take the stairs instead of the elevator to my six-floor apartment just about four days during the week. And sometimes, I’m carrying more weight–groceries. You see it’s yet another opportunity to move–Okay, I admit it: I’m an opportunist–I guess.

Since I don’t have an income that allows for discretionary spending, I cannot afford to pay health club fees. But I can afford to walk. The issue becomes how to walk, and even when. There is a stroll and then there is a walk. I walk briskly to rev up my heart rate; it’s best when trying to lose weight and/or manage weight. I know this because the media reports it all the time–Americans are more over weight than ever before.

By now, nearly everyone knows that walking is one of, if not, the best way to manage weight. It may not be the quickest route, but it is the most simplest form of exercise sans those bound to a wheelchair.

Since I walk often, I like to spice up my walk, so every now and then I ask a friend to come along. Well, that doesn’t always give me the boost I expect.

Just a few hours ago, I called a walking buddy. She agreed to come along with me to the store.  While walking at a moderately brisk pace, I turn my head awaiting a reply during our conversation. I find that she is more than a few paces behind, which explains why, there was no reply. I call to her and say, Hey whatcha doin’ back there? To my dismay, she responded, “I have more weight than you.”

Still walking, I turned completely around to respond. I wanted to say, Yes, I am “lighter” than you are and the reason I am is very likely because I walk more than you and, therefore, faster than you. Instead, I tried to convey to her that walking often, and briskly helps me to management my weight.

Even though I have plans to resume a more active lifestyle, to include swimming, and cycling, I currently eat more healthily in addition to walking. And if you’re reading this and thinking: It’s genetics. Well, that’s not altogether true.


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