20 May

My boyfriend claims he’s listening to me even though I claim he isn’t. More often than we like to be, we are apart. But when I get to the point when I feel completely isolated from him, I tell him so.

Well, according to him–he expects it, and accepts it, too.  He says he knows and expects that it is time for me to complain. And then realizing that he expects me to complain, I become annoyed. I am annoyed because by saying he expects and accepts it implies that I am simply venting. I am not. But I am becoming frustrated.

That’s when the sound of my voice changes, I enunciate every single word, and I omit contractions altogether. Satisfied, having made myself perfectly clear, I continue to voice my concerns. Again, this is not venting.  Instead, I am not simply expressing my concerns just for the sake of being listened to. No, I am instead expressing my discontent in a manner suitable for discussion with the intent of gaining a resolution. In other words, I want results–I want what I am complaining about to end.

I am not venting because I know that venting is complaining about something that will not and cannot change. Venting, you see, is a way to stir up the necessary ingredients to gain sympathy.
Venting is an outlet–a way to let others, anyone who will listen, usually a girlfriend–someone who will hear your complaints because they have them too.



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