I am relaxed

20 May

I vaguely remember when I decided to grow out, and then cut off the remainder of my chemically relaxed hair. But I can certainly remember why I went back to using a relaxer.

The first time I began relaxing my hair was so long ago I can’t remember how I began relaxing my mother’s, and my sister’s hair too. Regardless, I became a hairstylist of sorts. I spent about an hour several times each year retouching my kinky roots–making my hair silky and smooth, as well as aesthetically appealing when I got it wet.
In other words, my relaxed hair retained a style I preferred, and it is easier to maintain than when my hair was in its natural state.
Non relaxed hair required lots of care–I spent hours each day trying to keep it from tangling, and becoming matted.  Furthermore, my hairstyle rarely lasted through the day. And, even though some believe natural hair is manageable in hot, and humid weather, it is not.
My so-called twist out hair became puffy and styleless in a matter of minutes. And even when I paid a stylist to straighten my hair–pressing it out without using a chemical, the pressed hairstyle deteriorated in a day or two causing me much angst and more.
Furthermore, my lifestyle of fitness changed the day I quit relaxing my hair. I stopped swimming, playing tennis, and cycling too. Because sweating is a natural part of exercise, immediate hair care is required.  With a relaxer, it’s simply washing, drying, and then styling my hair—easily accomplished in an hour, or less, and without having to pay and wait for an appointment with a professional hairstylist.

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